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I am making an unofficial free X-Chat (UNIX IRC client) build for Windows, compiled on Windows XP SP2 with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Architect C/C++ compiler.


03/08/2009X-Chat 2.8.6-2 is out. Upgraded ActiveTcl to, ActivePython to GTK+ is now 2.14.7, OpenSSL 0.9.8j. If you get crashing tray icon, please disable it in X-Chat options, there's now external plugin which does the job.

09/23/2007X-Chat 2.8.4 is out. Inno Setup, ActivePerl, ActiveTcl is updated. There's an entry in the FAQ on how to add eye candy theme. And Hackers Guide is updated. GTK+ is now 2.10.14.

03/19/2007X-Chat 2.8.0 is out. Inno Setup is updated. Hopefully, this time it won't need additional DLL files. GTK+ is now 2.10.9. X-Tray plugin was removed.

11/21/2006X-Chat 2.6.8 is out. As usual, check the changelog. Removed Python plugin temporarily, as it crashed X-Chat (a fix, anyone?). Inno Setup and Ruby are updated.

10/08/2006Updated to X-Chat 2.6.6, GTK+ to 2.10.6.

06/21/2006X-Chat 2.6.4 is out. Updated GTK+ to 2.8.17, Python plugin to 2.4 (use the official version). Also, ActiveTcl plugin is updated.

04/09/2006X-Chat 2.6.2 is out. Check the changelog, as usual. ActivePerl is now 5.8.8.

03/11/2006Added Atom 1.0 new build announcements feed in addition to RSS 2.0.

03/10/2006Finally, I have successfully recreated my build environment (Visual Studio 2003 still). X-Chat is updated to latest CVS. GTK+ is now 2.6.10-20050823. There might be some other updates, but I cannot say what is upgraded, because I lost all my previous downloads, and now I have redownloaded everything anyway.

01/16/2006My laptop's hard disk has crashed with all my data. Because of that, there won't be X-Chat 2.6.1 release till the end of January till I get a new HDD, finish my exam session and reinstall everything. Current installer has most features which are in 2.6.1.

12/12/2005X-Chat is updated to latest CVS version. ActivePerl and ActiveTcl are updated to their latest versions, Inno Setup is now 5.1.6, and GTK+ is reverted back to 2.6 series (2.6.9), as GTK+ 2.8 has too many bugs on Windows.

11/03/2005At last, X-Chat 2.6.0 is out. New features include tree view layout, menu reorganization, other GUI polishing and lots of bug fixes. This build now includes a bunch of Daemon's and Pu7o's patches, including improved OS/CPU view in version reply, 64bit DCC, native color picker and native file save dialog. Also, new version of X-Tray plugin features better defaults—now it is showing only one balloon at a time on screen.

10/23/2005Updated to X-Chat latest 2.4 stable branch CVS. GTK+ is now 2.8.6, using Cairo vector library. ActiveTcl is now, and OpenSSL 0.9.8a, which fixes security flaw. Added Gujarati and Hungarian translations.

09/17/2005Removed ActiveWhois plugin. It has a security flaw and its functionality is now in X-Chat itself (irc_whois_front option, set to default in this build). Also, fixed the missing “Connect to IRC server” menu entry on links.

09/10/2005X-Chat 2.4.5 is out. As always, check the changelog. GTK+ libraries are now optional, provided that they are in the path. Updated internal GTK+ to 2.6.9 with latest theme engines, ActiveTcl to, Inno Setup to 5.1.5.

06/24/2005X-Chat 2.4.4 is out. Fixed GTK+ image loading problem, module list generation in installer is now more reliable. Updated to GTK+ 2.6.8, Inno Setup 5.1.4, ActivePerl 5.8.7, ActiveTcl 8.4.10.

05/31/2005Updated GTK+ and GTK+ themes to latest Alex Shaduri versions. Installer now sets private application path for X-Chat and theme utility, instead of global ones to avoid clashing with other applications' GTK+ runtimes.

05/28/2005For all of you who hated to run two installers, X-Chat build no longer uses any GTK+ Runtime Environment. Instead, GTK+ libraries are included in the X-Chat installer. They are from Alex Shaduri installer, so you also get GTK+ theme engines, themes and graphical theme preferences utility (in Start Menu). GTK+ libraries also have to be in system path. Installer tries to modify system path, and if it has not enough privileges, it modifies user path only. So you have to install X-Chat with administrator privileges for several users or have them modify path themselves. On Windows 9x, installer modifies autoexec.bat, so you must restart Windows then (untested). Upon install, GTK+ input method and Pango module lists are generated, so GTK+ input methods should work now. Translations component in installer includes both X-Chat and GTK+ translations. Also, installer now uses LZMA ultra compression and just required libraries for X-Chat, so total download is 2.5 MB less (4,5 MB). GTK+ uses my homemade theme. And, as usual, all bugs and fixes from latest X-Chat CVS.

04/27/2005GTK+ 2.6 series support Windows 98 again, so here is new X-Chat build against GTK+ 2.6.7 & Co. (that means it might not work with 2.4 GTK+ anymore). Don't forget to uninstall old GTK+ Runtime before installing new one. ActiveTcl is upgraded to, which finally uses X-Chat-compatible iconv.dll, so there's no need to delete it from Tcl directory anymore. Ruby One-Click Installer is upgraded to 1.8.2_15, and OpenSSL to 0.9.7g. In addition to usual fixes and new bugs from CVS version, X-Chat should now name its windows to something more meaningful than "gdkWindowTopLevel". Also, added Baltic character sets to Server List. In Help > About, X-Chat now shows run-time version of GTK+ instead of renderer which is always Pango on Windows anyway. Default font (Fixedsys Excelsion 2.00) size is now 11 instead of previous 10.5 (fixed Pango bug). Update: GTK+ themes (except for Wimp) are from now on in a separate package (with Clearlooks). I have updated my theme to use Clearlooks engine instead of Bluecurve. You can check the results in the latest screenshot or in preview.

04/02/2005Included a modified Ruby plugin. To use it, you have to install Ruby 1.8 language distribution. If you install Ruby to location other than default and want to use extension modules, change paths accordingly in plugins\rubyenv.ini. X-Chat is updated to latest CVS version.

03/31/2005X-Chat 2.4.3 is out. Reverted back to ActivePython 2.3, because X-Chat crashes with all Python.org and ActiveState Python 2.4 and 2.4.1. Also, updated to X-Tray 1.2 PR, and included Vietnamese translation.

03/18/2005X-Chat 2.4.2 is out. I decided to discontinue release builds and only compile CVS version (marked e.g. 2.4.2-1). Official builds are done this way. As I have been only updating CVS builds before, information on the site tended to get incorrect, like CVS build was compiled against ActivePython 2.4, and release build against 2.3, which has caused confusion. Other enhancements: X-Tray was updated to 1.1.6, and VERSION reply is now default one again.

03/05/2005New build announcements are now available in RSS 2.0 format.

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